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laurenn-alexis-deactivated20140 said: Hey, my name is Lauren and I'm 17. I just made this blog because I'm using it as an advice/personal help blog. I really want to help people and try to make a positive impact. If you don't mind me asking, could you help me? Maybe a promo or something? If not, it's okay. I'm just really trying to get this blog out there so I can start making a difference ASAP. Thanks for your time :)


Anonymous said: I want to start a Youtube channel in March but 2 things. 1, I don't think my parents will approve of it even though I think it'll be fun. & I just really enjoy watching people & i'd love to be apart of the community. 2, The only thing that is stopping me is that & i'm very insecure about my teeth. I havent gotten braces yet, so like i dont have perfectly straight teeth. I have a gap between my two front teeth & idk i'm just so insecure. idk do you know any way to help that insecurity? :/

I say go ahead and make the youtube channel! My friend and I also want to start a youtube channel but we don’t know how to edit videos, but if you want to do it then you totally should. And don’t worry about your teeth, people who are gonna be watching your videos are going to be watching you and what you have to say, not staring and judging your teeth. I say forget your insecurities and do what you want to do.

I’m gonna be logging out now but if you need advice or just someone to talk to or maybe you’re just bored, you can kik me at joe_ramirez

Anonymous said: a long time ago i had a bestfriend, i told one of her secrets to another friend of mine (yeh it was so stupid) so she got mad and we have never talked to each other again. so i got a boyfriend and he hates that girl because of her i drunk alot and that stuff. i love my boyfriend so so so fucking much, i really want to marry him. but my exbestfriend has sent me a message and she wants to talk to me. but my boyfriend said it's me or her. AND I DON'T KNOW WHAT TO DO, sorry if it's bothering you

I think it’s really stupid that your boyfriend won’t let you talk to her. I mean, it’s just a conversation and plus, neither you or him know what your exbestfriend wants to tell you. I think you should talk to your boyfriend and tell him you really want to hear what she wants to say and after that you chose what you want to do.


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Anonymous said: Hey man, I hope you're doing well. Lately a blog has been posting 'bad' art and insulting the artists and they posted some of my stuff. They took it down when I asked but the fact that they posted my stuff and continue to hurt others is just making me feel sick and my chest ache. Do you have any advice?

Just ignore the haters. If you want to do something, you could report them to tumblr and they would probably close their blog if it makes you feel more comfortable. But really just ignore the haters and keep doing what you like to do. There will always be critics but also remember that not everyone likes the same things, so they probably don’t like your stuff but other people will, so don’t worry.